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On Wednesday, April 28, we were blessed to have an amazing reflection and expression of listening -- comprised of previous Healing Our City reflection leaders and chat participants, among other elements -- from Fardosa Hassan (Muslim Student Program Associate, Augsburg University), Holly Brod Farber (Jewish Community Relations Council), published poet Michael Kleber-Diggs, along with a group of extraordinary interfaith youth leaders.

Here is "Cento for the Twin Cities."

An important note: the reflection provided here is merely a mark of today. In the spirit of beloved community, this coda will continue to live and grow in the tomorrow's to come.

I am from the people who aim to form a more perfect union. 


I am from the beloved community.


I am from Ethiopia, I am from the Highlands. I am from the beauty of nature and the greatness the world has to offer. 


I am from the rise of mountains and the fall of valleys, the sound of raindrops striking the earth, the bright glow of the sun, moon, and stars. 


I am from red dirt, flat land, and miles of sky


I am from people who worked with their hands in the earth, who planted seeds, who dreamed of a better life for me before they even knew me 


I am from the highest paradise. I am from a people who seek justice even if it is against themselves or those who they care for 


I am from a people who see freedom as a gift, who understand that our freedom is bound up in the freedom of our neighbors


I am from a people who have survived by adapting to new circumstances. 


I am from early civilization and modern communication. 


I am from a people who pray with an awakened mind, with humility, humanity, and compassion


I am from a people who understand that there is suffering in the world, and that I, that we, can do something about it. Together.


I am from different worlds that collided together under one household filled with love and laughter 


I am a sharp, bright jade. I am the lost and unborn, the remembered and forgotten. I have no heritage, yet revel in my history.


I am a long distance runner for freedom.


I understand that the only supremacy is the supremacy of love.


I am from a people who place the most precious things at the center in order to protect them.


I see the people singing and crying, holding their breath and breathing again. 


I see frustration, anger, and grief in a place of public mourning.  


I see the people marching and dancing for justice, wanting everyone to be seen in their full humanity. 


I see people who call G-d by the same name that I do. I see people who call G-d by a different name. I see people who do not call on G-d at all. 


I see people who are too tired to sleep.


I see people weeping for the memories they lost and rejoicing with the ones they love


I see hearts breaking open. 


I see people awakening to the pain of their brothers and sisters. 


I see people working to secure the blessings of liberty


I see people striving towards a true human community. 


A community in which everybody is treated equally. Where people live in harmony with each other and with nature. 


I am simple words understood deeply. 


I am a song to the universe. 


I am the prayer of my ancestors. 


I am listening. We are listening. The world is listening.


Authors: Michael Kleber-Diggs, poet Daisy Leonard, Coco Leonard, Sunny Leonard, Sam Brod Farber,
Noah Brod Farber, Fardosa Hassan (Student Chaplain, Augsburg University), Holly Brod Farber (Jewish Community Relations Council), previous Healing Our City reflection leaders and chat participants.
Under the auspices of Interfaith Action of Greater St Paul.

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