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The city of Minneapolis continues to go through a very challenging time. Some continue to grieve, some continue to hope. Many remain fearful and anxious about what is to come with more trials and more community violence.


We believe that there is One who is present and active even and especially in times of disorder and loss. We have all been involuntarily called to witness the injustices of the system of racial inequity and oppression.


We are called to join together, in prayer and action, for the healing of our city.

Healing Our City began as a response to one traumatic death. It then evolved into a virtual space, where we learned not just to consider responding to tragedy, but how we might create wholeness and live together in beloved community as people of goodwill... wherever we are and whoever we are.

We come together drawn by our common desire and our common vulnerability. We stay connected for many reasons, some so personal that even we are surprised in our being. As has the tragedy, this space for vulnerability and healing has changed us irrevocably. We have felt that. You have felt that.


Healing Our City is not an organization. You do not have to join... there is no application... there are no dues, except for the ones we all pay as part of shared compassion. Your life as a human being, your desire to see all people flourish, and your commitment to be a person of light in the world are all the criteria you need to participate.


As part of this movement, we believe that the time we spend together nourishes and strengthens us to answer these particular three (3) calls. We celebrate that these calls are expressed differently in each person, in their setting, and through their gifts.


We are not ones to give instructions. We offer you connection and contemplation.

Please, join us as we step into this next evolution... together as beloved community.

At this time, we are called:

  • to silence, so we can hear the Spirit speak.

  • to community, because none of us can do this alone.

  • to action, because love that participates in justice is the way to wholeness.


Thank you for your support and devoting your time with us in beloved community!

This is a grassroots initiative of the Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement that will evolve as more people participate. We wholeheartedly welcome the participation of our broader Twin Cities community as well as people from around our country and world.

Care to support the work we are striving for in the healing of our city? Drop us a note if you'd like to get involved or have questions. We also humbly accept your financial gifts as well.

If you would like to be added to a mailing list to get updates about this initiative, please sign up. The Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement will not sell or share your information.

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