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Healing Our City


In the spring of 2021, as we moved toward the trial of Derek Chauvin, the primary defendant in the killing of George Floyd, we were acutely aware of the different ways this trial pulls on our community. Some were grieving, some are hoping, and many are anxious about what is to come.


CLNE had the honor of working with some incredible leaders in our community to create a daily space for prayer as we all walked through this together. On March 9th at 8:00 AM, we launched the Healing Our City Virtual Prayer Tent.

This daily 20-minute experience convened at 8AM Central Time on both Zoom and Facebook. It included a reflection by a different religious/spiritual leader each day and, following the reflection, participants were invited into a duration of silent prayer/meditation.



Our virtual prayer tent was expansive and inclusive, including people of all faiths, denominations, races, and orientations. We included people from all over this nation and world. People who, like us, hunger for God’s healing in our city and everywhere. 


The virtual prayer tent started a sabbatical on May 26th and we continue to prayerfully consider how this movement can contribute to our communities now. From the tent we will go out into our neighborhoods and into the daily lives of people who long for welcome, safety, and belonging. Let us walk boldly into the unpredictability of this human trial, walking in faith, holding hands, praying in solidarity and unity of spirit.

Please visit the extended site that gives richer detail to the evolution behind Healing Our City that started in the summer of 2020. We also invite you to join us on the Healing Our City Facebook page, watch recordings of past sessions on our YouTube page, and especially consider joining us as we evolve our community to Come Together for Racial Justice.

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