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Jump Remix

AUG2022 JUMP.png

We are the BIPOC young adult leaders of CLNE who have participated in past national youth gatherings and the MYLE (Multicultural Youth Leadership Event). We are now looking to invite youth and other potential leaders to co-create monthly youth events for the current youth of the Twin Cities. 


"The idea behind Jump Remix is to co-create a space for BIPOC voices and talents to be expressed and received as raw as it's delivered.


I say "as raw as it's delivered" because too often the content of our words, actions and ideas are being watered down by the media. So much to the point that some of us tend to believe what the media say about us and how they portray, causing us to lose sight of our purpose and who/what we really are!


Our mission here is to improve the confidence in youth who are constantly doubting their potential, sitting on their purpose and leading a life of defeat," - Changemaker Tasheante 

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