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Our Vision

CLNE mobilizes congregations and leaders as powerful neighborhood-based agents for positive social change.


Our Mission

To offer transformative, learning experiences that strengthen and inspire leaders and congregations.

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What We Do

CLNE partners with community organizations to provide access to coaching, training, programming and immersion experiences that teach:

  • Cultural competency 
    Individuals, students, community leaders and congregations will discover their current ability to serve in a diverse context. Follow-up work on a customized development plan will enable them to engage neighbors and the community with increased awareness and cultural competency.


  • How to engage neighbors through asset-based community development. 
    Through programming and immersion experiences at selected sites in North Minneapolis, participants will experience first-hand the asset-based community development of an organization or congregation that has established deep relationships with neighbors, and partnerships with other neighborhood organizations.  Participants will learn to uncover their strengths and assets, forge partnerships, and develop a just and healthy community together.


Ongoing coaching in these developmental areas will help teams create long-term change in culture and neighborhood engagement.

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