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Our Goals


Focus on Racial Equity and Diversity

  • Offer staff workshops, trainings and in-service opportunities

  • Implement a train the trainer model

  • Provide IDI coaching for CLNE staff

  • Build collaborative partnerships that confront implicit bias

Offer leadership training that equips pastors, students, neighborhood residents and others to serve as agents for positive social impact through IDI assessment and coaching followed by personal development plan

  • Racial justice and equity awareness

  • Asset-based Community Development training

  • Consultation to congregations, schools and faith-related organizations


Offer internships that 

  • Provide service learning opportunities  

  • Lead to equity and positive social change

Provide individual and group coaching to 

  • Build and strengthen listening, facilitating and overall
    communication skills

  • Identify areas of personal strength and passion

  • Build strong teams and organizations


Offer consultations to help congregations

  • Assess and build organizational capacity

  • Build power in their neighborhoods 

  • Partner with other neighborhood organizations

  • Increase neighborhood awareness

  • Establish, build, operate and assess high quality programs


Offer engagement opportunities and neighborhood immersion experiences to

  • Assist congregations, neighborhood residents, and students to locate areas of interest and passion

  • Provide introductory volunteer experiences to set up longer-term relationships

  • Build upon asset-based community development learning

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