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Collaborating in Community



CLNE collaborates with a variety of organizations that provide support through partnerships that are unique to each organization's relationship with CLNE.


Academic institutions like St. Olaf College offer powerful, culturally-focused internships, while local nonprofits like St. Jane House and Piece in Our Time provide beautiful spaces for CLNE guests and interns to live as they work with CLNE.


Groups and individuals served by CLNE enjoy project and immersion experiences through partner organizations like Redeemer Center for Life (RCFL) and The Ministry Collaborative.


Finally, CLNE participants can choose to enrich their experiences via coaching through the International Coaching Federation; conferences offered by Church Anew; and opportunities to strengthen and enhance their skills as pastors and spiritual seekers through the Northside Parish.


Center for Purposeful Leadership

Consultancy and program support

Church Anew

Conferences, events and training

Healing Our City

Ecumenical prayer for our city

International Coaching Federation - MN Chapter

Executive coaching development

The Ministry Collaborative

Cohorts for neighborhood engagement

Minneapolis Synod of the ELCA

Executive coaching development

Piece in Our Time 

Intern housing, meeting and retreat space

Redeemer Center for Life 

Northside engagement

St Olaf College


St Jane House

Northside immersion experiences, retreats and event space

This tent from Healing Our City had a 30 Days of Silent Prayer event in summer 2020.

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