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Celebrating CLNE's 4th Embodied Antiracism Cohort of 2023!

This week concluded CLNE’s 4th embodied antiracism cohort of 2023, with 59 people going through our 9 week cohort experience at some point throughout this year. This particular work invites white folks to get to know the deeper, embodied roots of our white collective’s patterns of harm.

We come together to practice somatic skills that can help us to work with those stuck patterns - learning to mobilize the energy needed to disrupt racism in and around us, and to settle the big uneasy and defensive energy that many white folks carry around our racial identity. We are eager to continue this work in the new year and welcome you to get in touch if you’re interested to get involved or learn more! Here’s what two participants have to say about their experiences:  

“I know this feeling - a hot creeping fire that starts in the back of my neck and works its way through my skin, my ears, my scalp. The Embodied Anti-Racism Clergy cohort has taught me what’s going on when I feel this way. I am noticing or I am being told how I failed to show up in an anti-racist way for a friend of color. I’ve caused sadness, disappointment, anger. Before, I would do anything to make this feeling go away. I’d try to talk my way out of it. I couldn’t be wrong, could I? But I am wrong at times and I need to be able to sit in this discomfort.  It will not kill me. As a white person I’ve felt entitled to comfort far too long, and therefore made other people feel what I was unwilling to address. Now, when I start to feel the burn, I give my body permission to have this feeling and breathe so that I can return to a place of centeredness of groundedness, and stay in the relationship. This has been a blessing. It is hard work for which I am grateful.” 

- Pastor Melissa

"Embodied antiracism practice is such a departure from the one-and-done antiracism workshops I’ve done in the past. I feel like I have new skills and language to notice white embodied patterns and work in community to acknowledge and disrupt harm. I’m learning how to stay in my body and return to connection in the charge of race. And I’m finding myself using the somatic practices many times a day to get back in my body when I start spinning out or freezing." 

- Liz 


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