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Passage at Pillsbury House + Theatre

Looking for a learning experience? Bring a friend to reflect with following the show!

Questions to ask yourself-

What stuck out or emerged for you?

What surprised or triggered you?

What challenged you?

What do you want to learn more about?

Pillsbury House + Theatre and Exposed Brick Theatre are thrilled to come together to present Christopher Chen’s deeply humane, poignant, and affecting drama, PASSAGE. Set in the fictional Country X, a neocolonial client of Country Y, PASSAGE examines colonialism, power, and how societal imbalances affect interpersonal dynamics through the story of B, a local doctor, and F, an expat teacher, after their friendship is challenged during a fateful trip to a local attraction.

Performances will take place at Pillsbury House + Theatre

September 21 – October 15, 2023.


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