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Sponsor an Alafia Fellow!

Alafia Foundation champions purpose-filled leaders who are transforming life in north Minneapolis. We do this through our Fellowship Program that supports visionary non-profit, small business and social entrepreneurs who have courageously said YES! to their calling in life and in the process are transforming life on the north side of Minneapolis.


At its core, the Alafia Fellowship is about standing with, and supporting courageous individuals who have stepped out, often at great personal risk and cost, to respond to a personal calling to participate in the transformation of the community in which they live. It’s about letting these leaders know they are not alone, and that there is a wider community who sees, values and supports them in their work. This circle of support begins with a personal executive life coach, the Alafia board and other fellows, and expands out to wider networks of support, that include local faith communities and service clubs who serve as sponsors of our Alafia Fellows. In inviting organizations to sponsor our fellows, we are seeking true partnerships of mutually beneficial relationships between the fellow and members of the organization. This is not about charity, and “us” “helping” “them”, rather it is about kinship, in which all those who are inspired are invited to bring their unique gifts to the table in the service of a greater cause. Alafia Foundation serves to facilitate the connection.

What does being a sponsor entail?

  • $5,000 in annual support to fellow*

  • Meaningful engagement between the fellow and his/her sponsoring community 

  • Fellows speak to your community, inspire purposeful living

  • Pro bono professional support & mentoring

  • Sharing resources and connections

* If the financial element of sponsorship is a barrier, let’s talk and explore possibilities!

Consider co-sponsoring a fellow with another organization/faith community.

Please contact us to learn more!

Sponsorship is about letting these leaders know they are not alone...that there is a wider community who sees, values and supports them in their work.

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