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Uncommon Threads


Quilting as a Way to Transcend Boundaries

Two-Part Series:

March 8th & April 12th, 2022


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Janet Hagberg and Joseph Mallard have an uncommon friendship.  Janet is white and Joseph is Black.

They have very different backgrounds and live in different parts of the country.  Yet they share a passion for expressing themselves through the art of quilting.  Their shared passion has led to an uncommon friendship which has changed them and the people around them.  
Join us as CLNE convenes a two-part series where we hear Joseph Mallard and Janet Hagberg’s stories of quilting as a pathway to relationship which transcends boundaries of race and culture.  You will be invited to share in our own conversations about how your passions and hobbies might be a vehicle for building relationships across these same boundaries in our lives.
This series was free of charge.  We welcome donations to support the ongoing work of CLNE. 

You can watch Part One (March 8) here: 

You can watch Part Two (April 12) here:


Joseph Mallard, also known as Sunshine Joe, is an American quilt maker. He chronicles world, national, and local events through his vibrant and intricately detailed thread collages. Born of brilliantly-colored embroidery floss, fabric, patience and time, Mr. Mallard’s work competes in national and international quilt shows.

See this documentary video on Joseph Mallard.


Janet Hagberg is an author and a spiritual director. She loves her friends, quilting and baseball. Oh, and dark chocolate.

See some of Janet’s work in this video.

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