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Just Understanding My Purpose

We are The Triumphant Changemakers, BIPOC young adult leaders of CLNE who have participated in past national youth gatherings and the MYLE (Multicultural Youth Leadership Event). We are looking to invite youth, ages 14-21, and other potential leaders to co-create monthly youth events around the Twin Cities.

You have a chance to join the fun!

Every Last Sunday of the Month!


Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement (CLNE) work with curious open-minded individuals who possess the energy required to endure different experiences shaped to transform their thinking, and improve their understanding of themselves, their leadership and their ability to strengthen their community. 

CLNE provides a space for us to pursue our passions allowing us to create positive change throughout our community. We as Triumphant Changemakers are on a mission to provide the same space and opportunities for BIPOC youth and other potential BIPOC leaders by providing them a space to elevate their voices & talents; co-create; and build relationships and community.

Our primary mission as Triumphant Changemakers is to empower youth and young adults to pursue their passions and explore their purpose by taking action in their personal and professional development through monthly resourceful events, mentorship, and new opportunities in order to improve their lives and make a difference in their communities.

Meet The Triumphant Changemakers

 CLNE's Triumphant Changemakers are young adults pursuing their purpose by taking action in their personal and professional development through actionable goal-setting, forum, and mentorship in order to improve their lives and the lives of the youth they serve.


Tasheante Locust

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 I am a Certified Life Coach, Business, and Youth Leader. My soulmate and I met in High School. After getting married at 23, a few months later, I earned my Life Coaching Certification and Diplomas in Psychology and Communication at 24 years old. Since then, I've also become a Homeowner, Certified Business Leader, Hairstylist and a mother to a beautiful little girl. I am also a dancer and poet and have performed in many different showcases, parades, and competitions since 5th grade. Following a 14 year career as an educator in Osseo School District, I continue to give of myself to youth and young adults, in the schools and communities, to help guide them through their own phases of life. My purpose is to get them life ready by teaching them to tap into their talents, explore their passions, and define their purpose so they, too, can achieve the life of their dreams.


Marcell Locust

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My stage name is Stylz, and I've been making music since 2009. I first started making Christian Hip-Hop music with a group called Redeemer Jump Crew, or RJC where I had the opportunity to perform for 20,000 people in New Orleans. After graduating in 2013, I left Minnesota to attend Drake University where I met two guys who created their own Hip-Hop group. It was with them I began my transition from Christian Hip-Hop to Conscious Hip-Hop. The group was called The Misfit Movement. We were once the opening performance for Young Jeezy's concert in Des Moines. Shortly after coming back home to Minnesota, I created my group with another MN artist. We are known as The Real Is Back Music and we make Conscious Hip-Hop right here in Minneapolis. We have music across all streaming platforms, and have performed at many different venues within the Twin Cities. As I followed my dreams as a Hip-Hop artist, I also received my Associates and Bachelors Degrees while I worked to build and maintain a Beautiful Life with my Beautiful Wife, Tasheante.

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Will Jones

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Yo Will Jones!!

North Minneapolis born and raised (on the playground is where I spent most of my days…) I started making videos back when I was in high school. I grew up in many ways at Redeemer Lutheran Church - in the Redeemer Jump Crew, at the Popcorn Palace, and being a role model for the youth around the church. Redeemer is where a camera was first put in my hands. Once I got older, I came across YouTube and saw other people doing the things I like to do, so I decided to join in. I took a pause, because I felt like I couldn’t invest the time to really get it going. As a Triumphant Changemaker, I have invested more time and effort into my YouTube channel (Yo Will Jones) and my family YouTube channel, Blended Perfection, which highlights me, my 3 boys, my little sis, and my partner Keosha.

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