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Come Together for Racial Justice


A monthly, online convening to learn, share, and mobilize


Looking to build relationships across boundaries?

Desiring a community centered in BIPOC voices and leadership?

Want to ground yourself in conversations with others committed to racial justice?


If yes to any (or all) of those: join us on June 15 at 7pm on Zoom for the next session of a virtual monthly gathering:


Come Together for Racial Justice


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Each month, we’ll feature one or more neighborhood-based leaders reflecting on themes like racial healing, leading in diverse contexts, asset-based community development and more.  Our aim is to create a space for mutual learning and building relationships, being intentional about cultivating trust, welcome, safety, and a sense of belonging.

The gathering will be hosted by Pastor Kelly “PK” Chatman. Reflection leaders TBA.


Like the music from Come Together? Check out the Spotify playlist here 


Previously Featured Reflection Leaders for Come Together:

May 2023: Ancinetta Caldwell and Nekesha Caldwell, Northside Culture

March & April 2023: Leon Dixon, Redeemer Center for Life

February 2023: Dr. Cheryl T. Chatman & Mrs. Yordanos Kiflu-Martin

January 2023: Donald Walker, Jim Stewart, and AHHA!

December 2022: Richard Webb & Pr. Babette Chatman

November 2022: Felecia Boone and Kelly Schumacher Fuller reflecting on White Church Truths and Dr. Michael O. Emerson's research

October 2022: Manny Lewis, Kendrick Hall, and Jen Mohr reflecting on the Just Mercy Immersion

September 2022: Kendrick Hall & Manny Lewis

June 2022: Tasheante Locust & Marcell Locust, CLNE Triumphant Changemakers

May 2022: Paul Bauknight

April 2022: Debby Irving, Richard Webb, and participants from the Waking Up White Book Immersion

March 2022: Sondra & Don Samuels on the anniversary of Healing Our City

February 2022: Nekima Levy Armstrong & Cheryl Persigehl

January 2022: Pastors Kelly Chatman, Babette Chatman, & Robin Bell

December 2021: William Jones & Jackie Beck

October & November 2021: Rev. Paul Slack & Commissioner Jodi Harpstead


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